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Free Home Exchange

Find the perfect holiday with free home exchange either with a property in Cyprus or anywhere else in the world.

Travel Smarter by Exchanging Your Home for a Beautiful Home Anywhere in the World with HomeExchange.com - 20% Off with Code: stpatricks

If you've seen the delightful film Holiday with Kate Winslett and Cameron Diaz, then you may have wondered if doing a house swap is for real or just good old Hollywood fiction.

The good news is that home exchanges are definitely for real and you can find the perfect house exchange right here!

Because we've teamed up with the very company featured in the Holiday film - HomeExchange.com!

Holiday House Swap

All you need to do to arrange a holiday house swap is sign up with Home exchange, choose where you want to go and make contact with the owner of the place you fancy.

Members pay a small fee per month then get a free home exchange with whoever agrees to do a house swap. And if you don't find a suitable house exchange partner in the first year, the second year is FREE!

Holiday Home Exchange

Worried about letting a complete stranger take over your house?

With over 30,000 home exchange owners on their site, our trusted partner has never had a complaint about theft or a house left in a poor condition.

Your pets can be cared for by your exchange partner and many owners swap their cars too. There is also the option to swap second homes for a true holiday home exchange.

So if you're thinking of coming to Cyprus, you live in Cyprus and fancy doing a house swap or you live somewhere else in the world, why not think about signing up for a free home exchange holiday?

Not only will it save LOTS of money on hotel/villa or apartment bills, you might even find the perfect love match,, just like Cameron and Kate!

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