Easy eBooks

Create your own easy eBooks in no time at all.

And believe me it IS easy. I knew nothing about website building or creating eBooks 4 years ago. Now I've published several eBooks including one available on the Kindle.

What I did know when I created my first book, the Cyprus Cycling Guide, was some basic knowledge about Microsoft Word and how to surf the internet. But as for writing and PUBLISHING my very own eBook?

Well, believe me if I can do it, anyone can.

How to Create your own EBook

First, I created my very own website - the one you are looking at right NOW!

I used a really simple tool called SITE BUILD IT.

create your own ebook Create your own eBook

And then I bought a great eBook called Create your own eBook by Alf Pederson.

What's in the 135 page book? (Don't worry you only need to read the first 50 pages to create your own eBook)

  • Detailed instructions on how to structure and write your own eBook(s)
    Using tools you already have on your computer.

  • How to design and include graphics
    Using tools you already have on your computer.

  • How to place hyperlinks into your eBook, in order to link to other web sites or videos directly from your eBook.

  • How to produce PDF eBooks at no cost at all.
    Easy to use download and user instructions for a completely free tool to create professional PDF documents. You don't need to pay lots of money for alternative software when you can get it for nothing.

  • Recommended resources for creating your own web site
    If you don't already have one to sell your eBook.

  • Additional resources
    Recommended resources to learn how to use Google.
    Why not profit from the fast-growing Internet by selling your eBook and selling other peoples books too?

I personally can't recommend the book highly enough. It saved me hours, weeks, maybe even months (?) if I had tried to figure everything out for myself. Ok, I'm a bit slow when it comes to technically challenging stuff, but this book really made it oh so easy.

create your own ebook Create your own eBook

If you'd like a copy of Alf Pederson's Create your own eBook just use this link to find out more.

Making your own easy ebooks is well, just plain simple.

Tip: Once you know how to convert a Word document into a pdf file, you can upload it onto as many digital channels as you like. Who needs a publisher in the digital world?

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