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Border now open at Kato Pyrgos

The new border crossing into the TRNC, officially known as Limnitis, opened on October 14th which is great news for residents living in Polis and all villages towards Kato Pyrgos.

The journey to the border from Polis takes around 40 minutes and the crossing is quick and easy. Just be sure to take your passport and take out car insurance available at the crossing which is available for 1 day, 3 months, 6 months or a year.

We did the journey last week and if you take the quick motorway route from Guzelyurt/Morphou, you can get to Kyrenia in around 2.5 hours from Polis. Nicosia is also easily accessible, being about 2 hours from Polis as opposed to 2.5 hours going via Paphos.

Developer found guilty in Conor O'Dwyer assault case

After battling for several years, Conor O'Dwyer has won his case against the developer he accused of assault in 2007. Mr O'Dwyer was assaulted by his developer and two accomplices following a dispute over a property purchased which is still ongoing. While the charge of grievious bodily harm was reduced to actual bodily harm, the fact that the developer, his son and another person were all convicted is a huge positive.

Mr O'Dwyer has publicly protested outside both the UK and Cypriot parliaments over both the property dispute and the fact that he was assaulted. He has also published details of his experience on his website which itself is now the subject of a legal dispute as following the assault court case, the Paralimni police chief filed a case against Mr Dwyer over the content published on his website.

Consumer protection law may help property buyers

The Cyprus property market could be transformed due a little known consumer protection law. Buyers in property disputes where the developer already had a mortgage on the land or property often find themselves being chased by the bank to recover the debt or face having their property repossessed even when they have paid for it in full.

As part of a 2005 European Union directive on consumer protection, the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive 29/2005/EC, became part of Cyprus law on July 18th 2007, known as Law 103(I)/2007.

It states that it is a violation for a business to omit or hide material facts from buyers, which if they had been made known, would have influenced the buyer’s purchasing decision.

This means that property buyers whose purchase was encumbered by a developer’s mortgage or other charge without their knowledge, can make a claim for misselling and if the claim is upheld, that claim would see the original purchase agreement declared void.

While the agreement can be declared void, if a developer has gone bust, it may not be possible to recoup any monies already paid so buyers should take the necessary legal advice before making any claims. But the existence of this law is surely a step in the right direction to help the thousands of people currently battling legal disputes with their developer, bank or lawyer.

Ryanair announces second flight route to Cyprus

Budget airline Ryanair, the world's largest in terms of passenger numbers at over 66 million in 2009, has announced 2 new routes to Cyprus.

As reported last monrth, the first will operate from Brussels to Larnaca with flights costing as little as €34.99 inclusive of all taxes and the second route will operate from Barcelona to Larnaca.

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