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Cyprus goes Green with a Wind Farm

A new wind farm costing € 65 million Euros is to be built just outside Paphos as part of Cyprus' commitment to adopt green policies in line with EU directives. The farm will consist of 41 wind turbines and produce 82 mega watts of electricity. Part of the money will come from the European Investment bank and is a welcome initiative to combat the current reliance on electricity produced from diesel.

Rain comes early for Winter.

Rain has come early to Cyprus making a welcome start to the "winter" season. After last year's thankfully high rainfall which eventually resulted in 100,000 cubic metres of water flowing into the island's depleted reservoirs, mid September saw a couple of days of very heavy rain and, as I write this, rain is again lashing down. Already, some areas have experienced flooding as, unfortunately, the rain has been heavier than usual.They do say, "it never rains but it pours" - that's certainly true of rainfall here in Cyprus.

Looking back at past records, winters with heavier than normal rainfall have gone in twos or even threes. That could mean we are in for another wet winter, especially if it has started this early! We'll keep you posted.

E709 road no longer so Dangerous!

Roadworks have finially been completed on the lower section or Polis end of the E709 road from Coral Bay to Polis. I've wrtten about "pothole alley" before and the last 6 months have seen numerous accidents as the crumbling road pushed several cars onto the edge of the road, sometimes 2 feet lower than the tarmac!

Work started at the end of August with one team slowly digging a trench down one side of the road ready for the tarmac team to fill it in. The heavy rain in September completely washed their work away so a week later, 4 crews arrived and proceeded to work down from the quarry entrance, at breakneck speed, to complete BOTH sides of the road by Oct 24th.

Now the road is more than wide enough to take two cement mixers and hopefully, no cars will have tyres ripped off or worse, a bad accident on what was becoming a lethal section of road.

It just goes to show that things CAN get done quickly here in Cyprus! Well done to the hardworking crews who got the work done so quickly!

Building continues apace in Latchi

Latest figures (grapevine talk and chat from developers not the official figures!) point to a 75% decline in property sales yet development in Latchi continues en masse. Property is obviously being sold there as gardens have been landscaped so the area does not seem to be suffering the decline experienced elsewhere.

There is now very little land between the town and the Baths of Aphrodite without a developer's sign and Cybarco are the latest big developer to move in and start a site. Perhaps prices for a property close to the sea are more attractive than say St George near Coral bay where villas costing € 2.5 million are being built. Either way, the landscape is changing.

Sadly, there is also development on the outskirts of Neo Chorio village, within the Akamas boundary sign, presumably as restrictions or boundaries have moved. We just hope that continued sales do not eventually result in the Akamas itself being taken over by white villas - it would be a tragedy.

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