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Rain at last!

Locals celebrated last week as rain fell on Cyprus' parched landscape.The Troodos are has seen several days of heavy rain in the past week whilst coastal areas have had 3 days of rain, slightly above the normal average.

Not much fun for British holidaymakers expecting to escape to the sun from a dismal British summer although temperatures have still been good and warm rain is a delight if you are walking or cycling in the great outdoors.

Which is fine for tourists in the Polis area looking to explore the Akamas region on foot or on two wheels, just not so good for any sunbathers!

Whilst we don't want tourists to stay away, the rain is more than welcome although the forecast for the next week is back to bright sunny weather.

Cyprus problem talks already on the rocks?

The much awaited official talks to solve the Cyprus problem have begun when the two leaders, Christofias and Talat met on September 3rd. The usual positive "media" indications came out after the first meeting yet since then, things have already started to falter.

This week, Christofias has been indicating that President Talat has one view inside the talks then says something quite negative afterwards. Talat has openly declared that Christofias is playing a dangerous "psychological game" in a bid to discredit Talat and turn him against both his own people and the international community.

It is such a shame that the early positive signs have already turned sour when talks have hardly begun. But it is not surprising given the bitter wranglings that have gone on for more than 30 years.

We will watch proceedings with a huge doubt in our minds from now on.

"Told you so" springs to mind I'm afraid.

Property markets stagnate

The credit crunch hitting most western countries has also started to hit Cyprus with the main impact so far being on the previously booming property market.

Property sales are are well down on last year and there has been a 40% reduction in the issue of building permits in the past 6 months showing that developers have finally started to stop building on spec for fear of going out of business.

If you are in the market for a Cyprus property there are certainly some bargains to be had as some developers will soon be desperate for new purchasers once their current building work dries up.Get in touch with our recommended property agent if you are loking to buy property on the island.

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