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Snake George to leave Cyprus

Snake George, possibly one of the most well-known people on the island, at least in the Paphos region, will leave Cyprus in mid January.

After his reptile park in Coral Bay was forced to close 3 years ago, he has searched in vain for another site to build a new park but has had no success. He has continued to educate and help anyone asking for his aid in identifying or getting rid of snakes in their homes and has been campaigning tirelessly to try and save the Cyprus grass snake which he believes is now all but extinct again in Cyprus.

With no help from the Cyprus government who seem oblivious of endangered species like the snakes, George has had a good offer from the Austrian Government to do observation and research on amphibians and reptiles.

So he will be returning to his home country Austria and will be sorely missed by people in Cyprus. He may return to the island if a proposed breeding programme to save the grass snake gets support from the Cyprus government or funding from elsewhere; otherwise we may have seen the last of this popular character Snake George.

Restaurants go on strike in Paphos

What do you do if you don't have enough customer trade and you think that hotels offering all inclusive deals are taking away your food business?

Go on strike of course!

Yes that's what many Paphos restaurant owners did in early December to voice their disgust at what they claimed was "hotels taking away our business".

Needless to say, hundreds of comments appeared in the Cyprus Mail and other publications syaing that if most of the restaurants offered good quality food at a fair price and served it with a smile, they woul get a few extra customers. Not to mention having friendly Cypriot owners and serving staff rather than sullen foreign workers, which is about all you can find in the tourist areas. No wonder Cypriots themselves stay away and visit towns like Polis instead,where at least you can order a meal in your own language.

Has the strike worked? I will let you decide when you next visit Paphos!

Keo gains worldwide fame...of the amusing kind

Keo has gone viral, at least on Youtube and other video sharing sites and gained worldwide fame along with some FREE publicity.For the Church, who own 20% of Keo, it's rather embarrassing, however, as the free publicity is, shall we say a bit naughty.

A bottle of Keo beer was recently shown in a porn movie where a scantily clad woman popped it into her cleavage and then offered it to one of the male stars in the film. The venue? A greek bar in New York. At least it was an authentic place to get hold of the Keo brand, although the company is a little red-faced over the free publicity. And the Church are saying nothing...

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