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Cyprus No Smoking ban starts January 1st 2010

The new law banning smoking in all public places in Cyprus comes into effect on January 1st 2010. In recent days, bar and restaurant owners have suddenly realised the change is almost upon them and have started to get worried. Fines of up to €2000 euros can be imposed on both smokers lighting up in public places and also establishment owners who do not enforce the new law.

Many locals believe that this law, like many others in Cyprus, will just be ignored, but early signs are that police are intending to come down hard on anyone smoking where they shouldn't be. I see it as a welcome change and, while many believe it will reduce trade for restaurants and bars, the opposite may well be true.

Once patrons get used to smoking outside and non smokers start to go to places thay would otherwise have avoided, everything will settle down.

We'll keep you posted on how the changes are received both in large towns and quieter places like Polis.

Cyprus enjoys a warm snow-free Christmas.

While much of the UK was stuck in snow and raging storms were sweeping across Europe and the US, Cyprus enjoyed a wonderful mild Christmas with temperatures in the late teens and early 20's in full sun.

Christmas in Cyprus This picture, taken on Xmas morning, shows the bay at Latchi with flat calm water. Just perfect for a Christmas morning swim!

Hot Tip - come to cyprus for Xmas next year!

New Larnaka airport now open

Larnaka opened its brand new airport at the end of November. It is positively HUGE with a cavernous departures hall on the upper level and a smaller arrivals hall on the lower level.

Accessible straight from the end of the motorway, anyone wanting to pick up passengers should head straight for the Parking area on the upper main level as there is no parking outside Arrivals.

Although the airport opened on time, not everything went according to plan. A few weeks after opening, the baggage handling area and departure area were affected by floods due to heavy rain.

The cause? Debris left behind by construction workers blocked the roof drains and the weight of the water penetrated the roof seals! And on Christmas eve, the airport was closed as runway lights were malfunctioning.

Everything is back to normal now and the airport looks great but as they say...only in Cyprus...!

New Cyprus Mail website

Keeping up with the latest news on a daily basis is now easier thanks to the Cyprus Mail's new website. The format was launched pre-Christmas and has a fresh new look with easy to find sections and archived stories.

The site is a little slow to load but I'm sure that is down to the new graphic formats. You can read about the latest Cypriot news including an update on how the FBI are now involved with trying to find ex President Papadopoulos' body on the new Cyprus Mail website.

That's all from our Cyprus Latest News NovDec09.

See you next time.



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