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Water shortage update

Reservoirs now only have 5-6 months supply, holding only 28MCM (million cubic meters) versus 68MCM last year.

Emergency measures are now being taken which include tapping into the island's water reserves. Four areas have already been identified and drilling will commence shortly plus studies have shown potential water reserves in the Macheras forest and Pomos areas.

Getting hold of the water will, however, be expensive as advanced technology is required to get to the water deep beneath the earth.

The government's long term strategies remain focussed on desalination plants, recycling water for irrigation purposes and general water saving measures.

Our view?

This is not enough! Things we would do...
  • All new properties should be built with facilities for collecting/using "grey" water for irrigation purposes.
  • Water charges should be increased above a set usage to force people to think twice before wasting water, for example, when washing down the streets.

    Current charges are only £1 a cubic metre over and above 50 cubic metres. Why not make it £10 a cubic metre?

  • All new properties with a pool should have a compulsory pool cover to reduce water evaporation. This can be built into the price of the pool.

Foot and Mouth hits Cyprus

An outbreak of foot and mouth at two farms in the Dromolaxia area of Larnaca has forced the culling of 330 sheep and goats. All meat exports have been banned from the island and a 10km surveillance zone has been set up around the area to contain the outbreak.

Up to 150,000 animals are housed within the containment zone,, representing about a third of the island's livestock. The 5000 farms around the island have been asked to check their stocks carefully.

Hopefully the outbreak will be contained but the price of meat, in the meantime, is predicted to soar.

Easyjet coming to the island

The hottest Cyprus latest news Nov07:

Easyjet have just bought GB Airways, the carrier currently operating BA flights into Cyprus under a franchise agreement. Until the end of March, GB airways will continue their operation under the BA flag. After this time, all flights will be operated by Easyjet and customers who have already booked flights will be advised of new terms and conditions.

Whilst this is potentially great news as a low cost carrier will finally be flying to the island, there is no guarantee that Easyjet will continue their Cyprus routes. The deal has been done primarily to increase Easyjet's capacity at Gatwick where it will now have 24% of all Gatwick slots.

The airline has previously rejected Cyprus as a destination as the 4.5 hour flying time from the UK does not fit in with the low cost budget model.

So do not celebrate yet as Easyjet may well decide to drop the current GB Airways routes to Cyprus. In the meantime, BA has said it will consider starting routes to "some" of the destinations currently serviced by GB Airways.
Maybe Cyprus will be one of them, please!

Airport Transfers by BUS coming soon!

A major overhaul of the island's public transport system has just been announced to encourage more people to use the BUS.

Only 2% of the population currently use public transport which amounts to around 3.5 million bus passengers per year. As most people can now afford a car, investing £175 million in improving the island's only form of public transport may seem somewhat futile, but the improvements will offer additional routes and 650 brand new buses!

There will also be a crackdown on illegal parking and increased pedestrian areas and bicycle lanes.

We think that additional routes such as those connecting airports to the town centres will be very welcome, although we're not sure what the taxi drivers will have to say about it!

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