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Tourism Numbers Down

The CTO were predicting a fall in tourism numbers back in January and so far they have been proved correct. Figures released in May show the number of tourists entering Cyprus fell by 12% between January and April. And just released, numbers were 10% down in May and 12% down for the first 10 days in June.

Not a happy situation but it's made worse by the fact that, despite the government pouring € 50+ million Euros into the tourism sector to help hoteliers and restuarant owners, many establishments are putting prices UP!

It seems to be a strange Cypriot mentality but the theory is if you have less customers, charge them more so you end up with the same amount of money!

Do they not realise that this will alienate the few tourists coming to Cyprus next year and figures could be far worse than they are now?

The tourism sector needs to take heed and realise that to stay in business when times are tough you need to adopt 'great value" principles and not rip people off.

New Website for Lost pets

A new website has recently been set up in aid of all the lost pets and those needing a home on the island. The brainchild of Christiana Mandriotou who lives in Limassol, the site was set up to give a central island wide location for pet owners to advertise their lost pets and also to advertise when homes are needed for a pet.

There is also a scheme where people who can't have pets but love them can donate a sum each year to keep their "adopted pet" from being put down.

Donations and help in fund raising is greatly appreciated so if you can help or are looking for a pet go to the website called

See the Polis-Paphos Motorway Plan

Work has not yet begun but is due to commence "mid 2009" (whatever that means in Cyprus!). Despite reports (Feb2009 news) of it costing up to 1 BILLION Euros, the work is still scheduled to start sometime soon.

The motorway will have 4 lanes up to Stroumbi then 2 lanes to Polis. There will be a spur road leading to Limni mines and also one into Prodromi when work is completed.

Environmentally the area will be blitzed with no fewer than 7 viaducts, 25 underpasses, 8 bridges and 3 tunnels including a viaduct above the tiny village of Skoulli.

If you'd like to see a plan of the route and details of how many orchards, vineyards and villages will be affected by the new road, see the plan here.

Pressure on Title deeds Fiasco Steps Up

Many of you may have read about the ongoing problem with title deeds. Almost 100,000 title deeds are currently outstanding, many of these dating back over 30 years.

Whilst many Cypriot home owners are not as concerned (they don't intend to move and feel their homes are not at risk), almost 30,000 of these title deeds are the rightful property of foreign buyers. Many of these buyers are worried that they will lose their homes in the event of their developer going bust in the current economic climate.

The local Cyprus property action group has had several meetings to put pressure on the government and the EU is also pressurising the government to act swiftly to sort out the issue.

Far from putting legislation into place to protect home owners, thay have so far merely given property developers leeway to sit on title deeds for longer!

Needless to say, it is a worrying issue for many so please lend your support to any neighbours/action groups if requested.

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