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The HOTTEST Cyprus latest news May08

To motorway or not!

If you have been coming to the Polis area for the last few years, you will probably have heard about the planned new motorway extention from Paphos to Polis. We were told back in 2005 that the road would be complete in 2008! A month ago, we read that the proposed new road had been cancelled due to spending cuts and because certain politicians with homes in the quiet west of the island did not want to be disturbed!

But we can officially report that the new motorway is certainly going to happen. Tenders have already been made and the plan is to confirm the contractor by the end of the year for work to begin sometime in 2009. There will be 2 lanes on each side of the new road as far as Stroumpi then a single lane, improved road onto Polis.

So here's to an improved road link for our little corner of the island (personally I would prefer to keep it the way it is!) although this is Cyprus so the road will no doubt happen "siga siga"...

Go Green with Electricity

The price of diesel and petrol keeps rising and rising - now at 1.2 euros per litre!! And so does the cost of electricity as all electricity sub stations are powered by diesel too.

But you can save money by going "green" and opting for photovoltaic panels to take your electricity from the sun. The government is currently offering big incentives to home owners and businesses that use photovoltaic systems to convert direct current from the sun into alternating current to power your home. Last month alone, over 1.6 million Euros was paid out to businesses and home owners through the government grant system.

We installed a photovoltaic system in our villa (which was in a remote location) 2 years ago and now enjoy virtually free electricity - we just need a generator to back up the supply during the winter on non sunny days.

So if you are building a new home in Cyprus or you want to reduce your electricity costs, think of going Green!

Update on Cyprus Problem talks

The positive mood over the prospective talks to resolve the Cyprus problem has dissipated somewhat over the last 2 months. Whilst the new president of Southern Cyprus, Christofias, remains positive, initial talks held by working groups from both side have uncovered a host of barriers and progress has been slow in establishing a framework for the real talks between high ranking diplomats to begin.

The Turkish side had expected talks to begin 3 months after the initial meeting between the new president and Talat, the TRNC president. But Christofias will not start real talks until the preliminary difficulties have been ironed out.

A new date of June 21st has been set by which time a firm date for talks to begin must be set.

We will watch closely to see what happens and keep you informed.

New Italian coming soon

A new Italian restaurant will soon be open in Polis. Run by a former chef from the Anassa, the new restaurant is currently being refurbished and is situated in the centre of town at the T junction leading to the campsite (close to the Reno apartments).

We will be checking it out as soon as it is open and hope to give you a review next month.

That's all from our Cyprus Latest News May08.

See you next month

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