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Cyprus Property Action Group Silenced

The Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG) has been silenced after the decision to close its website. A write was issued by Leptos Estates against the CPAG's owner Denis O'Hare, claiming damages for libellous content on a page of the CPAG's website entitled "Leptos Buyers Action Group Demonstration."

The plaintiffs asked the court to instruct Mr O’Hare to take down the content of the webpage in question and any similar content in any form leaving no choice, given the threat of imprisonment and confiscation of personal property, to close the website. Incensed members of the CPAG have threatened to set up a new website under a Ltd company registered outside the island, one which will continue to support the rights of buyers who have suffered losses through buying property in Cyprus.

Cypriot lawyer fined over property contract negligence

The Supreme Court in Cyprus has ordered a Paphos-based lawyer to compensate a British couple to the tune of approximately €120,000 due to negligence over the preparation of a property contract which resulted in the couple losing all the money they invested nearly 10 years ago.The lawyer advised them on a plot of land bought in Kinousa village near Paphos but, according to the verdict from the Supreme Court, in preparing the contracts he failed to inform them that the land had been mortgaged twice.When the developer went bankrupt, the couple lost all their money.

While they lost their case against the lawyer in the Paphos district court, the Supreme court ruled in their favor in what may now be a landmark case and the gateway to other lawsuits against lawyers who have ill-advised their clients.

As the Cyprus Court stated in their textbook for judging the negligence claim “the first issue the lawyer is obliged to investigate is the legality of the title deed of the intended vendor and that there are no registered charges or other legal impediments which could affect in future the transfer to his client of a title free of any encumbrances.” Any lawyer who has failed to do this may now be liable too.

Volcanic dust cloud affects Cypriot tourists

Like thousands of tourists left stranded due to the recent Volcanic dust cloud from Iceland, many tourists in Cyprus had to remain on the island for up to a week after European flights returned to normal. At one point over 6000 people were stuck on the island with many running out of money as they waited to get home. Unlike travelers in mainland Europe, rail transport was not an option and while some got back home via Northern Cyprus and rail travel from Turkey, most chose to stick it out and enjoy an extra few days in the Cyprus sunshine.

New TRNC leader Eroglu will change Cyprus talks?

As widely expected, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has a new leader as Dervic Eroglu beat his rival and the incumbent Mehmet Talat in elections last week. On the face of it, the new leader seems prepared to just continue talks "from where they left off" but many believe that his pro-TRNC stance will mean talks becoming more difficult as he has already stated that if talks fail, he will seek international recognition of the breakaway state.

At his swearing-in ceremony on April 23rd, Eroglu said "“I will negotiate bravely for a fair solution. I am not here to block a solution" but added that he would only agree to a solution which gives "equal sovereignty" to Turkish Cypriots. The world continues to wait and observewhat now will be an even longer progress to find a solution to the Cyprus problem.

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