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Petrol prices rise again in Cyprus

On August 13th, petrol prices rose once more putting the cost of unleaded 95 up to 1.08 Euros and diesel up to 1.06 Euros. This rise of nearly 2 whole cents is on top of the previous rises following the petrol station strikes earlier in the year.

I remember when petrol was only a few cents per litre, albeit Cypriot pound cents, but this recent price rise is yet another sign of how expensive the island is becoming both for tourists wanting to see more of the island in their hire cars and for ordinary residents.

Speed cameras set to catch motorists

In a major project, the Cyprus government is planning to catch speeding motorists by installing 304 speed cameras island-wide. The scheme will cost a whopping €20 million Euros and will target traffic lights and major highways.

27 of the cameras will be mobile cameras and will also be able to catch motorists using mobile phones and no seat-belts so watch out! But motorists can hold their breath for a while yet as the project will apparently take 5 years to implement...

Holiday bargains in unsold apartments

Cypriot holidaymakers in Cyprus have been taking advantage of unsold apartments on the island by renting them for next to nothing over the summer holiday season. In Protaras, one of the most popular resort destinations for Cypriots from Nicosia, locals have been renting unsold property for as little as €200 Euros per month for a 6 month let.

With normal prices during the summer season peaking around €450-500 per month, these low rents represent a huge discount and have enabled local businesses to capitalize on local spending with Protaras reportedly having one of its best ever summer seasons.

August 2010 one of the hottest on record

Tourists and locals alike have been sizzling in the hot 2010 August temperatures which saw a new record in Nicosia of a staggering 45.6 degrees C in the middle of the month. Temperatures have regularly hit over 40 degrees and humidity levels have been very high.

With the humidity has come think grey skies and poor air quality which has breathing difficult for many. Roll on the cooler weather in September!

Ryanair announces flights to Cyprus

Budget airline Ryanair, the world's largest in terms of passenger numbers at over 66 million in 2009, has announced 2 new routes to Cyprus. The first will operate from Brussels to Larnaca with flights costing as little as €34.99 inclusive of all taxes. The second is yet to be announced.

While Britons may be disappointed that Ryanair has not planned a route from the UK or Ireland, the Cypriot government is overjoyed to get Ryanair on board after months of negotiations which have resulted in the airline receiving substantial discounts on landing charges in return for hitting a target of bringing an additional 0.5 million passengers to the island over a five year period.

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