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Cyprus bans smoking too!

Cyprus will implement a smoking ban from January 1st 2010. But will it be enforced?

There is actually already a law against smoking in public places in Cyprus but it is totally ignored by the majority of smokers. Restaurants display no smoking signs everwhere but that's usually a cue for people to sit underneath it and light up. It's especially bad in the winter months when there is no ventilation and a fire going in the corner of the room surrounded by a cloud of smoke.

We believe that small establishments where the owners and their families all smoke heavily will just carry on as normal and beware anyone who tries to complain. Several people interviewed have already said that they will just ignore the new law, as they do with every other law in Cyprus!

We will keep you up to date with how the ban gets implemented in the new year!

Polis and Latchi Magazine is no more.

One of our local free magazines, Polis and Latchi magazine has closed down due to the poor economic climate and lack of sufficient revenue to continue publication.

One of the few free all colour mags, it is hardly surprising as everyone is finding it tougher both in business and small ad sales.

The owners have promised to resurrect the magazine once the economy improves but in the meantime local residents can get additional news from the other local magazine Pals.

All systems go for the Limnitis crossing!

If you've been following our news bulletins you will be aware that we have been praying here in Polis for the border crossing to open at Kato Pyrgos.

In a symbolic gesture to cement the Cyprus problem talks still going on, Presidents Christofias and Talat recently announced that the Kato Pyrgo border crossing WILL open. When of course is a matter of "siga siga" but this week an ambulance made a trial crossing and drove all the way from Polis to Nicosia on the "old" road which hasn't been used properly for 30+ years.

Why an ambulance? Well in case of any accidents on the crumbling road! We now wait with baited breath and pray that the "technical" details that need to be put in place before the crossing can open will be sorted before the year end - otherwise Talat will no longer be in power due to TRNC elections in the new year and the talks may collapse and along with it our hopes of a crossing less than an hour from Polis.

Pets being abandoned en masse!

It seems that cruelty to animals is not just a Cypriot trait - although the disgusting case this week of a wolfhound being dragged at speed behind a pick-up with a rope tied round his neck was especially upsetting - witnesses have been threatenedso animal welfare officers cannot prosecute the Cypriot council worker responsible.

Lots of ex pats are returning home and there has been a huge increase in the number of abandoned pets, often left to starve in the street as owners pack their flat screen TV's into the removal van - a bigger priority than their beloved pet.

Would they leave one of their children just because it was too expensive or too much hassle to take with them? Some owners play tricks by leaving them at a kennel and then just disappear, others leave them outside homes of known pet lovers and the rest simply throw them into the street.

It's a disgrace and no pet should have to suffer just because their owners got their sums wrong or can't stand living in Cyprus anymore. Yes I'm a pet lover so I feel strongly about this and these people are treating their animals as badly as a small number of Cypriots treat theirs.

That's all from our Cyprus Latest News JulyAug09.

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