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Water crisis solution fiasco

Desperately needed water supplies which arrived from Greece at the end of June are currently still sitting in two tankers off the coast of Limassol. Problems began when the pipeline to transport water from the tankers to shore was discovered to be 3.5m short!

A two week delay then ensued to lengthen the pipeline at which point the water from the first tanker was declared unfit for human consumption and relegated to agricultural use.

After unloading only half of the water, more problems arose when pressure could not be maintained to continue pumping water from the tankers. Unfortunately, the second tanker had already left Greece and now sits alongside the first with a real danger of that water too becoming unpotable.

The fiasco is tragic and the Limassol area is now seriously in danger of running out of water completely by early August if the water cannot be pumped from the vessels by then. Exasperated by above average temperatures, Cyprus' water shortage is now becoming desperate.

In the meantime, cuts have now spread to the west of the island and the Polis area.

So PLEASE PLEASE do everything you can to save water when you next come to the island.

Cypriot leaders to discuss starting talks

More political manoeuvering has been taking place in a bid to resolve the main issues to clear the path for talks to resume over solving the Cyprus problem. On the Greek Cypriot side, the other main political parties have been lobbying for key aspects to be included in the talks otherwise they will not support Christofias, the Greek Cypriot president.

On the other side, Ankara has been pressurising Talat, the TRNC president, to ensure the talks begin with an understanding for complete political equality for both sides in any resolution.

Once again, there appears to be more talk than resolution and, despite positive vibes from envoys in the UK and US that real progress is being made, you cannot help but feel that the talks have stalled before they have even begun.

One thing is certain, neither president will want talks to resume unless there is a real possibility of finding a solution - the political embarrassment would be too great. So we continue to wait...

2 Deaths in Polis in 1 month

Two tragic deaths in a matter of weeks have rocked the sleepy little town of Polis.

First, an altercation between two men, one of whom objected to the other walking his dog on Latchi beach (which is illegal), resulted in the dog owner being run over by the other person's car. Whilst the car owner claimed not to have seen the other person as his glasses had been broken during the argument, reports said that he then reversed over the dog killing both owner and animal.

This was followed a week ago by the tragic death of a young diver off the Akamas coastline who was supposedly hit by a speedboat whilst underwater. A local man has been charged with reckless driving amidst claims that the diver had taken all necessary precautions to make himself visible, using red buoys above the water.

The man charged has stated that he knew nothing of the incident and did not see any warning signs in the water.

Meanwhile, no additional safety precautions seem to have been taken by the harbour police to warn both boat drivers and swimmers/divers of the potential dangers.

So please take care if you plan to be on or under the water this summer in Cyprus.

That's all from our Cyprus Latest News July08.

See you next month

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