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No Smoking ban update

So the new no smoking ban came into force on January 1st. Happily, most bars and restaurants are adhering to the new law although not without much complaining!

We have been into the odd restaurant full of smoke where the Cypriot clientele refused to go outside for a cigarette - luckily it was a takeaway pizzeria and we didn't complain although non smoking Cypriots inside did and were ignored!

This week 6 MP's (all smokers) put forward a motion to get the ban lifted saying it was having a detrimental effect on bar and restaurant profits and that it was taking away the human right to smoke. We sincerely hope that the government sticks to its guns and continues to implement a law which is meant to protect the staff working in bars and restaurants who are the main sufferers.

Smoking is allowed just outside anyway and wirth doors wide open most of the smoke is blowing straight back into the restaurant so in some places it has not made it more pleasant for non smokers. When you next visit Cyprus you will notice lots of new covered areas just outside the tavernas and bars...just so the smokers can stay dry during the winter months!

Petrol strike brings chaos to Cyprus

Last week Cyprus was thrown into chaos when the majority of petrol station owners went on strike in protest over the government setting a price cap on fuel. Station owners had been warned in January about overcharging when their stocks had been bought at lower prices thanks to the global reduction in oil prices but they continued to profiteer by charging 1-3 cents more per litre.

Of 280 stations on the island, only a handful were operating and many of those were blockaded by tankers and other petrol station owners. Paphos had no stations open at all so by Wednesday morning people were getting desperate and fuel was even being siphoned from private cars. One report highlighted a fight between two brothers, one of which tried to steal fuel from the other!

With the strike due to last for 8 days (the period for which the price cap had been set), the situation was looking grim until talks between the two sides resulted in the strike being called off on Thursday morning.

All is now back to normal, the price cap is lifted so the stations are free to charge what they like again! For information, the price for unleaded 95 grade was set at 95 cents and diesel at 87.5 cents a litre. If you see higher prices than this next time you visit try to shop aroundto stop the station owners making so much money.

No water shortages this year

Cyprus has had a wet winter making it the second in a row and, with early rainfall in December/January this year, reservoirs are now almost 60% full. .We have already had 101 million cubic metres of rainfall since October 2009 so have more than enough for this year but building work continues on desalination units to make the island less reliant on rainfall.

If you do plan to visit in the next month and want to venture off-road, take care as many mountain off-road trails have large gulleys and fallen rocks on them.

New cheap flights to Paphos for summer

EASYJET and Jet2 airlines are both starting new flights to Paphos for the 2010 summer season.

From mid april, EasyJet will start flying from Bristol to Paphos four times a week and from Edinburgh to Paphos twice a week. This will add to EasyJet routes to and from Cyprus including Paphos to Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester and Larnaca to Gatwick.

Jet2’s new flights for summer will start from the beginning of May and customers can book weekly flights from Paphos to East Midlands and Newscastle until October 31.

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