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Water now flowing from Greek Tankers

At last, after months of embarrassment, the much needed water supplied by Greece has started to reach Cyprus residents in Limassol. The sixth tanker has now arrived and is offloading water after successful transfers of water from the previous tankers.

As reported previously, the first water transfer was beset with a catalogue of problems resulting in the initial load being jettisoned as unfit for human consumption.

Subsequent loads have been tested and no problems with water quality revealed which has speeded up the process of getting water transferred quickly from ship to shore. Whilst the Cyprus drought is by no means over, Limassol residents can at least breathe a sigh of relief.

Talks to start on September 3rd 2008

Just as I posted last months news bulletin, Christofias and Talat announced September 3rd as a definite day for talks over resolving the Cyprus Problem to begin in earnest.

In reality, this date is one of pure "show" where the leaders will meet to make a couple of key speeches. The talks "proper" will then begin on September 10th with the UN special envoy, Downer being a key part of the negotiations which will be held in English.

President Talat of the TRNC has publicly talked about a resolution being achievable by the end of the year but this is something of a pipedream given the problem that arose over temporarily opening the Limnitis crossing to Greek Cypriots earlier in the week. See below for more details.

Watch this space closely over the coming months as we keep you posted on latest developments.

Turks refuse to open Limnitis for Greek Cpriots

Whilst talks are still under way to open a crossing into the North at Kato Pyrgos, a plan endorsed by both Cypriot leaders after the successful opening of Ledra Street earlier in the year, events this week cast doubt over the Turks' willingness to compromise on any subject.

The Kato Pyrgos crossing is actually at Limnitis, several kilometres across the no-mans land area after Kato Pyrgos. Turkish Cypriots have been allowed to cross into the South for several years to commemorate the Turkish invasion of Kokkino, the tiny enclave between Pachyammos and Kato Pyrgos in the South. Greek Cypriots had asked to be allowed to cross at the same point to celebrate Ayios Mamas saints day in early September.

This week the Turkish Cypriot government refused causing a hullaballoo in the wake of new talks due to start on September 3rd.

If a simple request like that cannot be granted, how on earth do the two sides hope to make real progress on the thorny issues that confront them?

Weddings in Cyprus rise dramatically

On a lighter note, Friday 8th August saw a remarkable new trend in Cyprus - a dramatic rise in weddings!

It was no co-incidence either as couples sought to tie the knot on one of the "luckiest" days in history - the 8th day of the 8th month in 2008. Same day as the start of the Bejing Olympics, the number 8 being revered so much by the Chinese that they started the Games at 08.08 in the morning!

In Paphos 17 weddings took place on August 8th versus a norm of only 9-10 and island wide, more than 100 weddings took place in town halls.

And for those that failed to book the 8th August it has been reported that Sept 9th 2009 is already fully booked!

That's all from our Cyprus Latest News Aug08.

See you next month

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