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New PM for North Cyprus

Elections have just been held in Northern Cyprus which has resulted in a new PM Dervis Eroglu in power.

Coming from the opposing party to current president Talat, his election potentially spells disaster for the current peace talks between North and South as Talat will not stay in his position come 2010 and many believe that without him there is no chance of a solution to the Cyprus problem.

Many would argue the negotiations are already doomed but with Eroglu in power, his strong views over keeping the TRNC totally separate from Southern Cyprus regardless of any pressure coming from Ankara, certainly put the nail in the Cyprus problem coffin.

Potholes are finally filled

Regular visitors to Polis will be pleased to know that the bottom section of the E709, fondly known as "pothole alley" is finally being fixed. Workmen have been hard at work for at least the last three weeks, with countless lorry loads of gravel tipped onto the side of the road.

Eventually one of the workmen will pick up a shovel and start to spread it around. It takes about 6 of them of course plus the digger driver, the foreman, one guy to wave a red flag and of course the lead (best?) job of rolling the gravel flat afterwards.

So far, they have managed to fill about 70% of the worst potholes, strangely working in a haphazard fashion leaving red bollards in place in some of the worst areas as they fill holes in a different area.

Whilst this has improved the road, safety has gone back out of the window as the concrete mixers and 4x4 drivers play chicken and kick up as much dirt as possible!

Only in Cyprus :)

Rollers and Bee eaters are back

After a long wet winter, migrating birds have well and truly arrived back on the island. We've seen our first Rollers - those gorgeous turquoise birds - in the past week and heard the sweet sound of the equally beautiful Bee eaters.

You don't have to be a bird lover to appreciate these wonderful birds. They just fit in beautifully with the lush countryside.April is truly a magical time to visit Cyprus.

Latchi pontoons

Hundreds of lorries have been making their way to Latchi harbour over the last few weeks dumping large rocks and lots of gravel. New pontoons made of rocks are being created to give more sheltered areas along the beach starting with the area closest to the new marina.

It will mean work will be going on over the next few weeks/months so if you see a lot more lorries than normal, you know why.

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