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Water Cuts hit Cyprus

Water cuts have been implemented across Cyprus due to the critical water shortage on the island. Once the elections were over and a new president elected, these cuts were inevitable and started from March 28th 2008.

Homes across the island now only have a regular water supply for four days of the week with cuts taking place either on Mon/Wed/Friday or Tues/Thurs/Saturday depending on where you live. The water supply is cut off from 10am to 11pm.

Whilst the cuts are supposed to affect all households in securing a 30% reduction in water consumption, the reality is that some areas and types of property have been hit harder than others.

Appartment blocks in Nicosia, for example, have seen low water pressure so have been struggling to fill their tanks when the water does come back on. Properties on higher ground have also found that they have received little water since the cuts started due to high demand from home owners lower down who have bought additional tanks to "stockpile" water whilst they have it.

The Paphos area, including Polis and Latchi, has not been so badly affected up to now as water comes largely from bore holes and not reservoirs, but the cuts are only a taste of things to come for the summer. Hoteliers are obviously worried that the summer tourist season will be badly hit. The industry has been lobbying for hotels NOT to have water cuts but this is hardly fair on local residents who will suffer.

Most homes can survive perfectly well without water for a day at a time but if the cuts are implemented for longer periods of time the hot summer could be very unpleasant.

We'll keep you informed on what's happening in your area here on our news pages.

VAT on land now due to start July 1st 2008

VAT on land will now be implemented on July 1st following a delay to the original date of January 1st. The reason for the delay was the introduction of the Euro which would have caused confusion had the tax been implemented at the same time.

Whilst all Cyprus property developers have had a six month honeymoon period, activity is now frantic again as they try to buy land before July 1st.

House prices will inevitably rise even more making it more and more difficult to buy a property at a realistic price on the island. If you are thinking of buying a property on the island, get in touch with a reputable agent soon.

Archeological Dig continues at Yiala

A team of students from a university in Georgia have just arrived back on the island to continue working on the archeological dig at Yiala Monastery.

The remains of the Georgian monastery, otherwise known as Panagia Chrysogialiotissa, was discovered back in 1981 and work on uncovering the archeological remains began in 2006 after the Cypriot and Georgian governments agreed on a joint venture to unearth the remains.

Built in the tenth century, the monastery had several sections added over the following years before it was destroyed and plundered in the sixteenth century. So far, the dig has uncovered a church below the pillars currently standing above ground and the current work is focussing on the area alongside the lower structure as more buildings are discovered.

The team will be on site until the end of May and will happily share any information with you. The site is now well signposted off the Polis to Pomos coast road.

You can find out more information about the archeological dig here.

Indian restaurant coming to Polis

It has long been rumoured that an Indian restaurant would be coming to Polis but we know that previous plans fell at the last hurdle for various reasons. We now have it on good authority that we will have an Indian restaurant open in the town in the next few months. We're not sure where or when but we'll be keeping you informed as well as sampling the food to give you a complete review!

We love our Indian food so it will have to be good to meet our high standards.

That's all from our Cyprus Latest News Apr08.

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