Tips on finding a good Cyprus building plot

How do you discover the perfect Cyprus building plot?

Maybe one with a view to die for like this:

cyprus building plot great view

  • First, decide on a location - this will vary depending on whether you want sea or mountain views and whether you want close proximity to shops, restaurants and nightlife or you crave the quiet rural life.
  • Understand that to get real privacy, your plot of land will probably be on a hillside, away from the crowded resorts.
  • A plot of land will typically cost around a third of the total property price. Get an idea of what this might mean for you by comparing prices of resale properties on the internet in the area you are interested in.

    Do this before you make a visit to look at potential plots.

  • Once you start looking, visit as many property agents in the area as possible. This can be quite daunting as there are LOTS of property agents, especially in the major towns, but do persevere.

    You may not find what you want first time round, but you will have a good idea of what is available on price and location.

We actually found our perfect Cyprus building plot very quickly thanks to the knowledge of a good agent.

But we know many other people who have searched for months if not years trying to find the right plot.

What is certain, the BEST plots are getting more and more scarce as development increases.

Cyprus building plot Argaka

To help find YOUR perfect plot of land, follow our TIPS:

  • Unless you know the island well, RENT for 6 months before you buy a plot.

    Find out if the area you have chosen is the right one and meet people who have "been there and done it" already - pick their brains!

  • Going through an agent may cost you more (due to their commission), but a good agent knows ALL the best plots available in their local area.

    Yes you can save money by dealing direct with the landowner, but you will end up with a more limited view of the plots on offer and you will probably have difficulty communicating with each other

  • If you fall in love with a Cyprus building plot in a remote area (more than 2km from the nearest neighbour and more than 400m from the nearest road), check whether your basic services (water and electricity) will be readily available.

    Whilst electricity is always available at a cost, your water supply will be dependent on availability from the nearest water source.

    NB: If the water source is a bore hole in a village already short of water, the local "muchta" (mayor) could limit the amount of water available or even refuse to supply you!

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