Cyprus Building Construction Pictures

How our dream home was built in Cyprus building construction pictures format

Home Construction in Cyprus

Concrete pilons for stability Concrete base casing Concrete base and steel reinforcement
July 2005 - The Start! Concrete pilons laid 30m down for stability Steel reinforcement and wooden casing for making the concrete base Base complete and steel erected to support the walls

Concrete pillars house shell Roof
The concrete pillars are finished... ...and so is the basic shell, supported by scaffolding until the concrete sets Time to inspect the roof with our builder

Roof complete House shell The Parthenon!
Now the roof is concreted and the scaffolding gone Still some wooden planks downstairs... ...But the shell is now complete. Time to let the concrete rest

Cyprus brickwork Plastering over the bricks Channels for the electrics
3 months later...the brickwork begins Followed by a thin layer of concrete over the bricks Then the electrician makes lots of holes in the brickwork!

Cyprus plumbing Traditional stone Cyprus underfloor heating
The plumber arrives with lots of pipes! Our stonework takes 6 weeks to complete Underfloor heating pipes - a must for the winter months in Cyprus!

Scree for floors Italian stone flooring Constructing a swimming pool
A scree layer is put down to cover all the pipes Then our italian stone floor tiles can be laid The pool is dug out and the casing laid ready for the concrete shell

Wooden windows hand made kitchen bathroom
Our natural wood windows are put in by Yianni, our carpenter Along with the kitchen, hand built in his workshop Finally the bathrooms are fitted and the end result after over a year of construction is...

Our Cyprus Dream Home:

Cyprus dream home

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