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Here's What's New

Self Guided Walking Holidays

Discover the charms of Cyprus on foot on one of our self guided walking holidays. Route finding is easy using a GPS unit with pre-loaded routes

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Yoga in Cyprus

Practice yoga in Cyprus in the warm Mediterranean sun. Find a yoga teacher in Polis Cyprus here

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Yoga Holidays in Cyprus

Book yoga holidays in Cyprus and find uplifting yoga music and inspiring yoga books here

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Atlantis N Paphos Cruises

Arranging to go for a cruise during your holidays is one of the important factors to have a great time during your holidays. It is an amazing feeling that

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Multi day hiking and camping

I am researching whether it is possible to walk for 4 days and camp along the way without the need for transport. Can you also tell me whether there

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Car hire at the Cyprus border

We are staying in Northern Cyprus and are looking to hire a car in the south for one day from a border crossing point. Can this be done?

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Appropriate gift for Cypriots

I'm visiting Cyprus next month on business. I'd like to take a gift for a couple of female colleagues. Is there anything that I can take from the UK that

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Taxi Vangelis & Son, Anavargos Avenue, Paphos, 8025, Cyprus, +357-99044163

Taxi Vangelis and Son offer professional Paphos taxi services. Our company is located near Paphos city center. Having many years of experience, we always

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Off road Routs advizor and trail maps

We are (3 couples ~50 y.o.) coming to Cyprus at the end of june for 5 days. We stay near Paphos but are very flexible. We have rented a minibus but also

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Paraskeva Konstantina 00357-22-516604

Go4lenses was founded with the sole purpose of providing you with quality contact lenses and furthermore optical frames with single vision prescription

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