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Here's What's New

E4 Trail in November/December

I am planning on hiking part of the E4 trail from Paphos airport. We are coming from South Africa and the only available time we have is late November

Continue reading "E4 Trail in November/December "

Please can you recommend a quiet not too touristy part of Cyprus?

We have been to Paphos and totally loved it there. We are thinking of going back to Cyprus again and were wondering if you could recommend another part

Continue reading "Please can you recommend a quiet not too touristy part of Cyprus?"

can you give me the name of a taxi firm in Kato Pyrgos that will take me to Kyrenia

I would like to book a taxi at Kato pyrgos to cross the border and take us to the Dome Hotel in Kyrenia. I understand there is a taxi service in the village

Continue reading "can you give me the name of a taxi firm in Kato Pyrgos that will take me to Kyrenia"

Cyprus Walking Trails - Best sections of E4

Please advise on guides to the Cyprus Walking Trails - Best sections of E4

Continue reading "Cyprus Walking Trails - Best sections of E4"

Dr. Savvas clinic

Savvas Savva - services of an obstetrician-gynecologist in Cyprus. Consultations, diagnostics, treatment of gynecological diseases, surgery, observation

Continue reading "Dr. Savvas clinic "

Holidays to North Cyprus

What to see and do on holidays to North Cyprus

Continue reading "Holidays to North Cyprus"

Nearest and best supermarket to Akaga

I am booked to stay in Akaga, self catering, and would welcome learning from you about the immediate area. What are the musts that we should do, please?

Continue reading "Nearest and best supermarket to Akaga"

Weather in Troodos in March

I have just arranged to visit Cyprus this coming March for a week long touring and hiking holiday. I would like to be based as high as possible on the

Continue reading "Weather in Troodos in March"

Travel to Famagusta from Larnaca

Can I take a taxi all the way from Larnaca airport to Famagusta in the North? Per your quick check, it seems to be 67 EUR but I cannot see on any website

Continue reading "Travel to Famagusta from Larnaca"

Public transport in Troodos

Please can you advise if there is a bus between Platres and Troodos Square. I would love to walk the Caledonia trail DOWNHILL, but being well past my best,

Continue reading "Public transport in Troodos"