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Atmosphere and Nightlife in Cyprus

We are a couple in our (early!) 30s and are looking to book a 10 day holiday in Cyprus, but not quite sure where. We do not want wild nightlife, but it

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Car insurance in Paphos

My grandson will be twenty when he comes to Paphos to stay with us, will he be able to drive on our insurance or be able to hire a car. He has had a license

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Off site camping in Cyprus

Is it possible (according to the local law) to camp outside official camp sites in the nature reserves? If not in the reserves is it possible outside of

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Moving to Cyprus and Visa requirements

I am an American citizen who will be moving to Cyprus for an 8 month period to play professional volleyball. I will get a visa through the team. My fiance

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Mylonaslawfirm, Cyprus, 35725101080

Andreas Mylonas & Co LLC is one of the leading law firms in Cyprus. We have an expertise in tax law planning, corporate & offshore services, Cyprus substance

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is there any very large markets in protarus cyprus

im going to Cyprus end of august and know there is a big market in paphos but is there a large market in protarus as paphos will be to far to drive and

Continue reading "is there any very large markets in protarus cyprus"

Best place to stay

I am looking for a week of holiday with my mother and two best friends in Cyprus I simply cannot decide what city to stay; Limassol, Laranca or Paphos?

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Bank crisis in Cyprus

Hey I am traveling to Argaka Cyprus on september the 13th. its been all in the news about there bank crisis. will this affect food thats sold in supermarkets,

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E4 through Sotira

Great site! I am looking for information on the E4 Route that covers the red villages in Famagusta, in particular the town of Sotira.

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Cheap Mobile Phone Calls

Make cheap mobile phone calls from Cyprus to friends and family abroad using a local number rather than dialling an international number

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